Ludovic Lessard, Directeur de production
   Ludovic Lessard, Direction productor

that places the quality of service at the top of the bill!

Thanks to a conscientious and good-willed team, Chemises L. L. Lessard has rapidly earned an enviable reputation in the industry, by distinguishing itself from competitors right from the beginning.

The company’s primary concern is to remain watchful and attentive to the requirements of a constantly growing clientele!

Chemises L. L. Lessard spares no effort to meet it's client's’ needs and acquires state-of-the-art machines, building henceforth on a production technology based on the highest standards of the industry.

Chemises L. L. Lessard masters every manufacturing step.


define the marketing process

Offering at the outset and without compromise a fabric of consistent quality, year after year, through:

  • First, the design
  • Second, the cut of the garments
    and the tailoring
  • Third, the finishing, including certain clothing treatment specialized processes such as:
      • The  washing ,
      • The embroidery,
      • The printing,
      • etc…

  • Chemises L. L. Lessard concentrates on personalizing the brand image of every client… and this concern remains the core objective of the tailoring process!




Chemises L. L. Lessard manufactures shirts under the distributor’s label and/or private label. From the receiving of fabrics, with acknowledgment of receipt, to finishing and product development, through pattern grading, lay out, cutting and tailoring services, we guarantee our work.

Moreover, we offer the direct shipment service to all our clients, wherever they are.